Thursday, January 8, 2009

Every third Wednesday of the month

Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you know that every third Wednesday instead of the park we should go the Simi Mall if you are interested. They have a free kids show at 11 am every third Wednesday. I have checked them out before and they are pretty fun. I've seen magicians, comedians, the reptile lady, balloon people, and puppet shows. So come and check it out. You get a free balloon for the kiddos too! I like it because after I get an excuse to window shop : ). Hope to see you there! If you want to know more here is the website:


Jo said...

Great job on the blog Kim! So impressed!!! :) Just one suggestion though: could you take off the word verification? It kinda bugs ;) Thx!

Kim said...

Hey Jo. Glad you like it. I'm going to leave the word verification on since this isn't a private blog and it keeps us from getting spammed :)